Socially Distant Trick Or Treat Devices

I have been, for as long as I can remember, an enthusiast of powered souvenir distribution. Why simply hand you a t-shirt when I can deliver one to you with 250 PSI (or in the case of the one time I let my friend Mark use the t-shirt launcher at our golf outing, 575 PSI) with some style?

That’s why I can get on board with the dads featured below.

This year, having dozens of kids reach into a bowl to pull out a Tootsie Roll may not be the most responsible thing you can do. It would be easy to throw your hands up and view it as an unsolvable problem, but thanks to the ingenuity of folks like these, you don’t have to!

Here are some of the top ways to continue Trick Or Treat from a 2020-appropriate safe distance:

*DISCLAIMER: I feel the need to mention that you should only attempt making any of these devices at your own risk. I’ve had t-shirt launchers (yes, plural) blow up in my hands and trust me on this: That’s scarier than anything you’ll see on Halloween.


Skeleton? Check. Fog? Check. Creepy lights? Check. Behold: THE CANDY CHUTE



Make it rain candy with the CANDY CANNON



Finally, my favorite,  THE ZIP LINE OF GLORY