Stay At Home Fun: Harry Potter

These days at home with kids, while honestly a blessing while they’re young, can also turn into a bit of a difficult balance between doing your job and “What are we going to do today, Dad?”

Thankfully, JK Rowling and the folks at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter know we could all use a little magic right now, so they’ve put together pretty great thing. It’s called “Harry Potter At Home” and you can turn your home into Hogwarts, complete with the Sorting Ceremony and other puzzles, games, quizzes, and even a craft section where you can learn how to draw a Niffler!

It’s not all just goofy fun, either. They’ve teamed up with Scholastic for some education tools, and they’ve also made some of the books available, for free, in a variety of formats. Using Audible, the first book is available now. Plus, even if you’ve already listened to it, this is a new experience because it’s the UK version of the book, read by Stephen Fry.

They promise even more free content and resources to come, saying “…just like the staircases at Hogwarts, this page will be changing all the time!”