Strategies For Talking To Your Kids About COVID-19

How do you explain to your kids what’s happening right now? How do you explain why they’re home, and what’s their perspective like? I remember when I was a kid and my mom would tell me I had to wait 10 minutes for something, and that felt like a month. Think about how long all this feels to someone who’s the age where 10 minutes feels like a month. They haven’t seen their friends or extended families for over a month, and that can trigger lots of questions. Sometimes it’s great to have some help on seeing things through different lenses, and there’s an online event happening tonight that I thought you might want to know about. It’s at 7pm tonight, and it’s hosted by John’s Hopkins University. Pediatrician Rachel Thornton and Pediatric Psychiatrist Hal Kronsberg are presenting COVID-19 from a child’s perspective. They’ll talk about kid’s physical health, symptoms in kids and teens, when to contact your doctor, things like that. Then, they’ll also talk strategies to discuss the pandemic with kids, ways that anxiety and stress can show up in your kids, and strategies for ways to deal with those things too. They’re doing it all via Zoom at 7pm tonight, and it’s free. You can get connected here.