Sunny Farms Hit With New Violation

07/18/19 – 12:33 P.M.

As Sunny Farms Landfill fights for its operating license, the Ohio EPA has hit the business with another violation. The Review Times reports that the landfill violated its output limit of sulfur dioxide gas. Ohio EPA representative Dina Pierce said that the landfill produced over 1,029 tons of sulfur dioxide from June 2018 through May 2019. She added that the landfill is only allowed to produce 69 tons of the toxic gas per 12 months.

Sunny Farms senior vice president Matt Neely stated that Sunny Farms completed its own analysis through methods approved by the EPA. Based on that analysis they met “the most stringent sulfur dioxide National Ambient Air Quality Standard”.

Neely added that Sunny Farms is working very hard and making substantial investments to make improvements.