Thanksgiving is the Jan Brady of Holidays

Before you start reading this, if you don’t know who Jan Brady is…stop what you are doing and watch an episode of “The Brady Bunch”. No need to pick a certain episode. If you watch one, you’ve pretty much seen the entire series. Okay, on with the blog post.

Let me start by saying that I am completely guilty of what I am about to rant about. Truth be told, Thanksgiving isn’t my favorite holiday. Sure it’s fun to eat and be around friends and family, but I can do that pretty much any day of the year…plus the traditional Thanksgiving food that’s served isn’t usually something I crave (except for my White Castle stuffing…yum!).

Even so, I still feel bad for Thanksgiving. Follow me on this….it’s the middle child (aka Jan Brady) of holidays. It’s wedged right in the middle of Halloween and Christmas, two hugely popular holidays. Christmas is like the oldest child (Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!). It’s the first holiday most people think of, it’s a huge deal, and some would argue it’s the oldest traditional holiday we celebrate. Halloween would then be the youngest child (Cindy Brady). A very fun, cute holiday that people love to fawn over with costumes and food. There are songs about Christmas and Halloween, but not really any about Thanksgiving. Even the decorations for Thanksgiving are pretty bland and unappealing.

Speaking of decorations, I was shopping at a store a little over a month ago and both Halloween and Christmas displays were all over the place. The only place I saw any Thanksgiving decorations was in the clearance section with the rest of the fall decor. It wasn’t even November, and it was already on sale!

So I think next Thanksgiving, I won’t be so indifferent about it. I’ll show a little bit more cheer, and will enjoy the holiday a little bit more. Jan…I mean Thanksgiving, needs to know how special it is, and it’s just as much a part of the family of holidays as the rest.