The Good Stuff-Best Birthday Phone Call Ever

I’ll bet you that when the phone rings in the studio, 99 out of 100 times, it’s someone calling in a birthday. We’ve been doing birthdays here since the beginning of time, I remember in 5th grade listening to tom summers do birthdays from this very same room, and it’s been happening every weekday, forever. We give away a pie or cake or some cookies, and it’s a large deal for people.

People call in birthdays for their kids, for their friends, for their parents, or like the call I got earlier this morning, for their spouses.

I want to play this call for you because I think it’s some good stuff… Now for me, because I do birthdays every single day, it’s just a part of my everyday routine, it just sort of happens… but for this gentleman, it was a lot more, here’s the call that came WAY early this morning.

The Good Stuff Birthday

I’m telling you, I didn’t think the birthdays meant much beyond the pie, but I was wrong. For Mr. hengsteller from Arcadia, it’s not even about the pie! He just wants to celebrate another year with his wife, and he wants You to share it with him. That my friends, is a big ol’ spoonful of good stuff for today. If YOU have a good stuff story, share it with me at The good stuff is brought to you each weekday at 7:50 by Mazda Direct on County Line Street in Fostoria.