The Good Stuff: Blake Shelton Helps A Teacher

Annie Gressett is a first grade teacher at a low income school in Texas who is getting ready for another school year. She’s decorating the room, setting things up for her students to have a library and some art supplies, and other things that teachers across the country are doing this week. A lot of teachers spend an astonishing amount of their own money on supplies for their students, and Annie is no different. She created a list of supplies she needs for her room on Amazon, and then took to twitter to ask for a little help. She started with a tweet explaining that she’s a teacher with a link to her list and #clearthelist. Then she thought it might be worth reaching out to one of her favorite singers to see if she could get a share, so she tagged Blake Shelton in a tweet and asked him to share it. Now, if you know anything about Blake, you know that his management doesn’t handle his twitter account, it’s literally him. There’s no PR team intervening, it’s Blake, and he saw Annie’s tweet.

Instead of just sharing the tweet, he went in and paid of her entire list, and it gets better! She’s since added a few more things, and Blake’s followers started jumping in to cover items!

Twitter, let’s be honest, is generally a cesspool that’s best avoided. But sometimes, there’s some good stuff there. By the way, you can find thousands of teachers just like Annie who need some help with supplies for their classrooms by using #clearthelist on whatever social media you choose.

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