The Good Stuff: Socially Distant Birthday in Findlay

I saw this story yesterday, and I just thought it was awesome. In fact, I wanted to be a part of it, but I was knee deep in building an epic cardboard robot with my 7 year-old, so I hope you’ll forgive me for missing this, but I know how important things can be to 7-year-olds.

A young man named Brayden Gominger turned 7 yesterday, and his mom had it all planned out. He wanted to have a party at a bowling alley with all his friends, but because everyone is teaming up to help make sure people don’t get sick, they had to cancel his birthday party. You can imagine how that landed. You only get one birthday a year, and when you’re 7, there’s nothing bigger than that party.

His mom says that Brayden was really upset, he didn’t get to celebrate his birthday at school, and he didn’t get to see his friends, and it would be the worst birthday ever. You can just hear him saying it, can’t you?

His mom though, was determined not to let it be the worst birthday ever, so she mentioned that she was looking for ideas. A friend threw out the idea of doing a parade, and Brayden’s mom thought that sounded like a fun idea, so she reached out to a few friends and some family. She thought a few might participate in a little drive by parade for Brayden, but yesterday, led by a Sheriff’s cruiser with lights and sirens going, over 20 cars filled with Brayden’s friends and family cruised by his house, people hanging out the windows singing happy birthday, neighbors in their driveways singing along. Plus, Brayden’s 1st grade teacher at Liberty-Benton, Mrs. Lloyd, even coordinated a video chat with his classmates to wish him happy birthday. His friend Maci wrote him a card that said “We’re sorry you had to cancel your party, so we are bringing the party to you.”

His mom says that it was a great lesson on how to turn lemons into lemonade, that Brayden couldn’t stop smiling, and he said it was the best birthday.

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