The Good Stuff: Totes Ma Goats

One of my favorite emails of all time came with “Totes Ma Goats” as the subject line, and the sender opened the note with this:

“Hi Dave. Listen, this is your favorite person of all time,Victoria Ross.”

What’s not to love about that? She’s right, she is one of my favorite people of all time, especially now.

I have this kind of mantra that I try to live by, it goes like this: Make someone’s day, every day.

I don’t hit it every day, for sure, but I try, and sometimes it’s nice to get a reminder that it matters. Here’s a little story about how it mattered to me.

If I’m honest, yesterday was kind of a nightmare. I got to bed too late on Monday night, didn’t sleep very well, woke up in a bad mood. I had the live broadcast over at McDonald’s, and you might not have been able to tell it on the air, but nothing was working. The gear that I use to do those things, for the first time ever, wasn’t doing what I expected it to do, so I was salty. You ever see that epsiode of “Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip” where everything goes to hell? That was me yesterday:

Then, some good stuff happened, but it needs a little backstory.

I have a long history with the local goat community. I own the pickup that used to tote The Goats Of The Borgelts to the fair (shout out to Big Brown) and for the last several years, my friend Victoria Ross has had a long line of goats named “Big Dave” at the Hancock County Fair. Each year at the fair, she’d come over for an interview and a photo. Over the years, it became a tradition that for a few minutes, I’d connect with this kid and her goats. When my son was very young we went over and met her goats, and it’s one of my favorite photos of all time: me, Victoria, Big DaveThe Goat, and my son. I didn’t know it, but she’d been saving all of those photos over the years, including the one we took last year, which was her final year showing at the fair. She took all those pictures, and compiled them into a collage, and there’s a little note that says “Big Dave, thanks for always making the fair fun,” and then all these photos. Her dad delivered that to me yesterday at a pretty low point in the morning and it just made my day. I asked how old she was in that first photo, and her dad laughed and just said… young… maybe 10? And now she’s graduating, and she’ll be heading off to college.

This thing completely turned my day around, and that collage has earned a spot right below my McComb State Championship poster on my desk. That’s some hallowed ground! So, thank you, Victoria. It’s awesome, and someday when I’m inevitably not doing radio anymore, I’ll look at it and remember it as one of the high points. That’s some Good Stuff for today.

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