Treat Yourself to a Second Helping!

I’ve always been fascinated by the way a band or artist develops their sound and their storytelling as their career progresses. A hardcore fan may hear differences that a casual fan doesn’t hear, or even vice versa. Sometimes we think “Oh wow, [insert band or artist name here] has really changed. They never used to sound like that”. But then when you actually go back through their music catalog, you might be surprised at what you actually uncover. It could go the complete opposite way, as well. You might think an artist has stayed true to their original sound, only to realize once you go back through all their albums, that they’ve changed quite a bit.

That’s the purpose of my new segment, “Second Helpings”. Each Monday during the noon hour, I play two songs back to back from one of your favorite bands or artists. The first song (or your first helping) I play is their very first single or major hit, then I immediately follow it up with your second helping, which is their most current single. Granted, maybe hearing two songs back to back won’t help you fully see how an artist or band has developed over the years, but it’s a great start. So far I’ve covered Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, Blake Shelton, and Brad Paisley. I’ve learned something new about each of those artists just by giving you a second helping of them each Monday.

So feel free to indulge on Monday’s with my “Second Helping”, because sometimes you need that second helping to get you through Monday!