Trick or Treating in 2020

My favorite holiday is Halloween, and my favorite month is October, so needless to say, I’ve been in a very good mood lately. One of the reasons I’m very happy is because trick or treating will actually get to happen this year! Even though I’m a little too old to go trick or treating (is there really an age limit?!?), I can definitely hand out candy this year, which is just as fun, in my opinion.

Even though trick or treating is happening, we still need to take a few precautions in order to keep it safe for everyone. I’ve compiled a list of safe, social distancing approved trick or treating options that I think will make us feel happy and ready to go out on Halloween night with all the ghouls and goblins.

  1. “To-go” candy bags-Grab a few packages of Halloween treat bags from the dollar store and put a few pieces of fun-size candy in them (wrapped, of course). Put the bags out on a table and let the trick or treaters grab a bag. You can stay six feet apart from one another but still give out candy in a safe and fun way.
  2. “Trunk or Treat”-Instead of having candy in a bowl that you reach into, put the candy in the trunk of your car! Sit or stand next to the car and have trick or treaters grab a piece of wrapped candy in your trunk. It’s zero contact between you and the trick or treaters and it’s something unique that people will remember.
  3. Wear a fun mask-This one is pretty obvious, and it may be required in some areas, but wearing a mask while handing out candy may make all the difference between you feeling uncomfortable and excited to pass out candy. You can really have fun with it and wear a full face mask of something scary or funny.
  4. “Drive-Thru Trick or Treat”-If your home allows, open up one of the windows in your home and do a “drive thru trick or treat” where you pass out candy through the window, like your typical fast food restaurant. The window allows a barrier between you and the trick or treaters, plus you get to stay inside on a chilly Halloween night.
  5. “Halloween Candy Slide”-I saved the best for last! This is my favorite idea for trick or treating this year, and I like it so much, I may just make it a yearly tradition (Covid or not). All you need is a few pieces of pvc pipe, a little patience, and some imagination. I’ve included a tutorial I found on Youtube that I’m going to follow this year. This is such a fun idea, and something that everyone will enjoy. You can completely customize it to fit your style!

So hopefully one of these ideas will help you out this spooky season, and kids and adults can all have a safe, fun, and magical Halloween in 2020!