Carla Demitri?!?

Carla Heaps…um, I mean Carla Demitri here to set the record straight on my new name.

Just in case you’ve been listening and are hearing “Carla Demitri” on-air and are a little confused as to why I’m not going by Carla Heaps anymore, it’s a pretty simple explanation.

I got married!!!

I’ve talked about my engagement here and there throughout 2019, but I never revealed what my new name was going to be once I was married. Call me superstitious, but I didn’t want to say it before the wedding, and then, God forbid, I ended up not getting married. So now that everything is done and legal, anytime you hear “Carla Demitri”, rest assured, it’s the same Carla you hear on-air from 10-3 PM Monday through Friday, and 3-7 PM on Saturdays. I’m still the same Carla that is always on the lookout for a good garage sale, and will never say no to a cheeseburger…or a coney dog, because yes, one of my official wedding pictures involves coney dogs and french fries.