Kevin Spacey Lashes Out At Channel 4 Doc ‘Spacey Unmasked’

Kevin Spacey is speaking out against an upcoming docuseries about him titled Spacey Unmasked. The two-part series, set to air May 6th and 7th on Channel 4 in the U.K., examines Spacey’s life and includes interviews with individuals who accuse the actor of inappropriate sexual behavior. However, he claims that he wasn’t given enough time to address the allegations made against him.

“I will not sit back and be attacked by a dying network’s one-sided ‘documentary’ about me in their desperate attempt for ratings,” Spacey wrote on X. “Each time I have been given the time and a proper forum to defend myself, the allegations have failed under scrutiny and I have been exonerated.” Channel 4 insists he had plenty of time to defend himself, but the actor promised “a fuller response” on social media over the weekend.