Blanchard Valley Health System Launches Podcast

(From Blanchard Valley Health System)

Blanchard Valley Health System (BVHS) is excited to announce the launch of a new podcast, “Health Connect.”

The podcast features the many connections between Blanchard Valley Health System’s services and the communities the organization serves. “Health Connect” will educate the community on new physicians and providers, and technology, untangle the complexities of healthcare, and give listeners a glimpse into healthcare offerings available right here in Northwest Ohio.

This series is co-hosted by Eric Proctor, chief people officer at BVHS, and Sam Sprunger, a Bluffton podcaster. Proctor provides insights into the BVHS culture, career opportunities, and the unique stories of the organization’s patients, associates, and medical staff. Sprunger brings the layperson’s perspective, being outside the healthcare industry but eager to learn and help listeners understand.

“’Health Connect’ will spotlight BVHS as a connected care network serving individuals of all ages and needs,” Proctor said. “Our team has many great stories to tell, and we’re excited to share those stories through a BVHS podcast for the first time. We can’t wait for our community members to get to know some of our extraordinary people and hear some of the stories that make BVHS special.”

Episodes of “Health Connect” are approximately 20 minutes long, giving community members enough time to gain some insights and education while still being something they can listen to while commuting.

The first episode was released on April 18. “Health Connect” is available on major podcasting platforms and the BVHS website.

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