BOE Excited About Voter Turnout For Special Election

Voter turnout in Hancock County was very good for the statewide special election on Tuesday in which Issue 1 was defeated.

“We were excited with the turnout, it was almost 42 percent,” said Jody Beall O’Brien with the Hancock County Board of Elections.

“That was a fantastic turnout for us for an August special election.”



21,322 of the 50,896 registered voters in Hancock County voted in this special election.

Jody said the turnout in the August 2022 special election was only six percent, and the turnout for the primary in May 2023 was 12 percent.

Jody said they did a good job of communicating to voters who would have a new voting location for the special election.

And she said they were able to get enough poll workers to work the election and thanks everyone who helped out.

“Our poll workers were excited, they were tired at the end of the day but they thought it was very interesting and rewarding that so many people got out to vote.”