Carey PD Recognized For Excellence In Policy Management And Training

(From the Carey Police Department)

The Carey Police Department announced today, April 30, 2024, that it has been recognized for excellence in policy management and training in 2023 by Lexipol, the nation’s leading provider of policy, training and wellness support for first responders and public servants.

The Lexipol Connect program tracks the police department’s performance on five metrics proven to measure success in policy management. The Carey Police Department achieved Gold, the highest level of recognition offered, for consistent and effective policy dissemination to personnel, timely policy updates as laws change, and officer training on policies.

“Policies are the foundation of operations; having and regularly training on good policies are essential in our service to the community. We are proud to be recognized by Lexipol Connect for our dedication to continuous improvement, professionalism and safety,” says Chief of Police Ryan Doe.

The Carey Police Department’s excellence in policy and policy training enhances community safety by ensuring consistent, effective response based on state and federal law and nationally recognized best practices.