City Releases Odor Investigation Findings

The City of Findlay says an investigation revealed an unpleasant odor people were reporting at the end of last year and beginning of this year was originating from the Tall Timbers Industrial Park.

The city said its investigation confirmed that the air quality was not affected by the odor and remained safe.

Fire Chief Josh Eberle said, at one business in the industrial park, a fluid used during manufacturing is subject to a mildew-type process. Fluid measurements coinciding with the odor complaints revealed a slight increase in bioactivity (mildew or bacteria) within the waste fluid.

As that fluid was treated and measurements returned to normal, the odor complaints tapered off and there have been none since February.

“At this time, I believe the issue has self-corrected,” the chief said.

WFIN spoke with Findlay Service-Safety Director Rob Martin about the results of the investigation.