City Seeking Christmas Tree Donation

(From the City of Findlay)

The City of Findlay is seeking the help of the citizens of Findlay for a donation of a tree for Findlay’s Christmas Tree that will be displayed in Dorney Plaza during the Christmas season.

Requested specifications for the tree are listed below:

– 25-35 feet tall

– Short Needle Spruce Tree (Preferred)

– Easily accessible for equipment to access

– No obstructions such as overhead lines

– No backyard trees unless totally accessible for large equipment

The City will remove the tree, grind the stump, clean up the area, and seed. Additionally, we will plant a new tree in the spring if desired by the property owner.

If you are interested in donating your tree, please contact Kathy Launder in the Mayor’s Office at 419-424-7137 or by email at [email protected].