Company Closing Its Findlay Manufacturing Facility

ZF Active Safety US Inc. says it has informed employees of the planned closure of its Findlay manufacturing facility located at 1750 Production Drive.

The Findlay Plant manufactures brake control units.

The timing of the closure is anticipated to be in the second quarter of 2025.

“We are announcing well ahead of the plant ending dates to give employees more certainty regarding the future and allow them to prepare for new employment. The company will support them in seeking new employment while the plant closes out their customer commitments,” ZF said in a statement provided to WFIN News.  

Dan Sheaffer, Executive Director Findlay-Hancock County Economic Development, says ZF, the economic development office, and Raise the Bar and other workforce partners will support the affected workers in seeking new employment as the plant closes out its customer commitments.



Sheaffer added that the ZF building and its strategic location offer an opportunity to locate and source another manufacturer in the automotive space.

ZF said the reason for the closure is that the serial production contracts for the Brake Controls product have ended and the carry-on business has been sourced to another supplier.

The closure will impact approximately 215 ZF employees and approximately 35 external agency workers.