EPA In Findlay Investigating Unusual Smell

The City of Findlay says it’s been looking into an unpleasant smell that some residents have been reporting. 

“In recent weeks we were notified that there’s been an odor coming from the east side of town,” said Service-Safety Director Rob Martin.

He says, depending on the way the wind is blowing, different parts of town are experiencing the smell which has been described as an industrial smell, a moldy carpet smell, and even stale beer.



Martin says Fire Chief Josh Eberle was out in recent weeks trying to locate the source of the smell but was unsuccessful.

He says the city contacted the Environmental Protection Agency and an EPA agent has been investigating the odor.

“If we can identify it we can then mitigate it if it is something we need to be worried about, but at this time the EPA hasn’t really addressed it as a major concern.”

The City of Findlay also provided the following statement:

The City of Findlay is aware of odor complaints that have been made. We have been working with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to identify the source. The safety of our community remains our first priority and there are no concerns at this time. We do understand that this poses discomfort to those who are able to smell the odor and are actively working to remedy the situation. More information will be shared as it is made available.