FFE Director Leaving Findlay City Schools

Longtime Findlay City Schools employee Kevin Manley is resigning from the school district.

Manley had been with FCS for 32 years and taught vocal music and was the director of Findlay First Edition.

His resignation from Findlay City Schools will be effective August 9th.

“His level of talent and expertise at what he does is going to be deeply missed,” said Superintendent Dr. Andy Hatton.

“We are known widely across the state as having some of the best choirs in the state and the best show choir in the state, so we certainly want to thank him for his years of dedication to Findlay City Schools.”



Arlington Local School has confirmed to WFIN that Manley will be teaching vocal music for them in the 2024-25 school year.

In November, Findlay City Schools announced that a third-party investigator would be conducting an investigation into reports regarding student behavior and the culture of the Findlay First Edition program.

FFE Director Kevin Manley was placed on administrative leave at the end of November and returned to his teaching position on December 21st.

The investigation was finished in January and Manley returned to his FFE directing duties.

Dr. Hatton released the following statement at that time. 

The investigation has come to a conclusion, and Mr. Manley resumed his directing duties of FFE this week. After going over the findings of the investigation together, Mr. Manley took accountability for aspects that fell within his purview as director, and the current administration shares in a collective responsibility to support him in addressing cultural issues within the program. Mr. Manley and FHS administration together will be addressing student misconduct. 

FFE is a treasured program that is rich in talent and on stage excellence. Mr. Manley’s return signals just one of many steps in asserting FFE as a show choir that we can be proud of both on and off stage during the upcoming competition season and for years to come.