Findlay City Schools Attendance Procedure Update

Findlay City Schools is letting parents know about an update to the school district’s attendance procedures.

“From now on, no matter which building your kids are in, you will report their absences the exact same way!” the school district said on its Facebook page.

Reporting an absence for your child will be consistent from preschool to graduation.

“When your child moves from one building to the next throughout their school years, the way you report their absences will stay the same. No more remembering which secretary belongs to which school or which building phone number belongs to which one of your kids.”

You can choose the method that works best for you to report an absence; a phone call, Final Forms, or by downloading the school messenger app. 

“You can find all of the details at, and even start submitting for future dates that you already know your kids will be absent.”

People with questions can email [email protected].