Findlay City Schools Installing Multi-Use Turf Fields

The Findlay City Schools Board of Education has approved plans for the installation of multi-use turf fields at their Outside Athletic and Activities Complex.

The fields will be used for a variety of different sports including football, baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer and more.

Interim Superintendent Krista Miller says their current dirt fields are often muddy and unusable, resulting in canceled or relocated games and events.

“Our district prioritizes providing students with opportunities and resources to be competitive while being safe in their learning and extra-curricular activities”, Krista said.

“The condition of our current athletic and activities fields pose a threat to that aim.”

As a result, the school board has voted to purchase and install turf athletic and activities fields.

She said the district understands that turf fields are a big investment and she breaks down where the funding will come from in the video below.

The school district will be borrowing $2 million against their Permanent Improvement Fund to start the project and the total cost will be around $3.1 million.