Findlay Elementary School Honoring Veterans With ‘Veterans Lane’

Chamberlin Hill Elementary School in Findlay has a new outdoor memorial space to honor Veterans called Veterans Lane.

It’s located at the Land Lab, the outdoor educational space behind the school.

The area has been transformed to honor Veterans with stones inscribed with the branches of the Armed Forces.

“This memorial is our promise to you that the sacrifices you have made will never be forgotten,” said teacher Rhonda Hiatt.



She says the school’s mission is to honor the past experiences of our Veterans, with celebrations held in the present, and our promise that future generations will remember those who served.

“We invite the Findlay Community to purchase a paver to be placed in our Land Lab to honor a Veteran. Orders can be placed by mailing the form below to Chamberlin Hill, or by stopping in the office.”

Learn more about Veterans Lane in the post below from the school.