Findlay Mayor Visits Holocaust Museum In Washington D.C.

Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn and a small group of other mayors visited the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum while in Washington D.C. for the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

“It was a sobering experience as we heard of how quickly the rhetoric of Hitler permeated culture, changed minds and hearts, and dehumanized those that were different than you.”



Mayor Muryn says hate is a scary and powerful weapon that cannot go unchecked.

“As we see the hate that is occurring around our world and the normalization of dehumanization it is incumbent upon all of us to say it has no place in our world.”

“Evil does not win with physical weapons but when we no longer believe our neighbor is worth defending. Today that is most evident in Israel and the Gaza Strip but sadly that is just one example.”

International Holocaust Remembrance Day is on January 27th.