Flag City Sluggers Unveil Team Logo

(From Flag City Sluggers)

The Flag City Sluggers are bringing baseball back to Findlay with an upcoming season in the Great Lakes Summer Collegiate League.

Joe Fenimore, the team’s founder, said he wanted to bring the sport back to Findlay, a city with a rich history of baseball. Along with Joe, a team of student interns have spearheaded the initative: general manager Joe Kroeger, assistant manager Charles Anderson, marketing intern Jacob Klein and social media intern Ethan Franks.

The team released their new logo featuring a bat-swinging slug earlier this week on social media. The logo features Slider, the blue slug mascot, and incorporates the red, white and blue of the American flag, a proud focal point for “Flag City, USA.”

“Slider is a quick witted, faster than molasses slug. He’s got fast speed lines to prove it. He’s also pretty good at baseball,” the website states.

“His only downside is a constant trail of slime that follows him wherever he goes.”

Unveiling this milestone marks one of the major first steps of breakthrough groundwork to get the team ready for its debut season next year. For a full look at the new logo, see the Sluggers’ website and Facebook page.

“We wanted to give off a minor league feel, similar to the Toledo Mud Hens,” Jacob Klein, the team’s first marketing intern, said. To get the crowd roaring with excitement, the Flag City Sluggers also announced its first line of fancentric merchandise. T-shirts and sweatshirts featuring the team’s logo will be sold online prior to the 2025 season, at bonfire.com.

The sale of merchandise, and donations to the Flag City Sluggers, will help ensure the team is well underway to make its debut next year. For more information, visit our website flagcitysluggers.com and stay up to date on our social media sites.

Deriving it’s name from Findlay’s “Flag City” nickname, the Sluggers were founded in 2023 as a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, the Flag City Sluggers are proudly affliated with the National Alliance of Collegiate Summer Baseball and backed by the Major League Baseball. The league is committed to providing a competitive and educational summer baseball experience for collegiate players in Findlay, Ohio.