Fostoria Residents Sound Off On Taste Of City Water

(WTOL-11) – People in Fostoria say the city’s water has had a funky taste for the last two years.

 If you live in Fostoria or have ever tried the water, you likely have a strong opinion about the taste.

“It’s like sticking an old musty rag in your mouth,” said one resident.

“It almost tastes like dirt, and just last week it was tasting more like chlorine,” another resident told WTOL-11.

The City of Fostoria explained that the chlorine taste is from the city changing water reservoirs, writing in part, “the city water is safe to drink and use. We have conducted extensive testing to make sure the city’s chlorine levels are well within the EPA water standards.”

But there was no explanation for the dirty taste, so now, a city council meeting is set for Tuesday to hear from residents.