FPD Issues Reminder On School Bus Safety Laws

It’s back-to-school time and safety officials are reminding drivers to start watching out for school buses and schoolkids and to follow all state laws.

Parents are also urged to talk with their kids about how to act around school buses as drivers are reminded to keep their eyes peeled for children getting on and off of buses.

Officer Brian White with the Findlay Police Department says drivers also need to remember to slow down in school zones when children are present.



A driver who fails to stop for a school bus that’s loading or unloading students can be fined up to $500 and have their license suspended for a year.

On a road with fewer than four lanes, all traffic approaching a stopped school bus from either direction must stop at least 10 feet from the front or rear of the bus and remain stopped until the bus begins to move or the bus driver signals drivers to proceed.

On a four-lane road, only vehicles going in the same direction as the school bus must stop.

The first day for Findlay City Schools is Tuesday, August 22nd.

The first day for Liberty-Benton Local Schools is Tuesday, September 5th.