Hometown Hero Banners Put Up Along Main Street

The City of Findlay put up the Hometown Hero banners along Main Street ahead of Memorial Day and the 4th of July.

This batch of banners includes 106 in total and 18 new ones.

The new banners are located on the west side of Main Street from Front Street up to the Hancock County War Memorial at Center Street.

The new banners displayed are of James Bish, Mike Crawford, David Davis, Sr., Richard Earl Ebert, Richard Gerald Ebert, Glenn Farmer, Robert Grant, Bert Meyers, Dale A. Miller, Felipe Pina Jr., Gregory Pope, Michael “Mick” Reed, Eugene Reinhart, Jack Reynolds, Monte Sampson, Roger Thomas, Mark Tiell, John Wallace.

Mayor Christina Muryn says City of Findlay recognizes the great sacrifice that our military members make in serving our country. 



She says the Hometown Hero banners honor local members of the military and include active, retired and deceased service members.

The banners will be displayed through the end of July 2024. The following are banners that will be displayed: James Bish, Marlo Brannan, Herman Baughman, Donald Brumley, MD, Robert Brown, Robert Bushong, Charles Clapper, Michael Colquitt, Mike Crawford, Julian Davis, David Davis, Sr., Donald DePuy, James DePuy, Thomas Diller, Cyrus Dillinger Jr., Gerald Droll, Trey Dukat, Richard Earl Ebert, Richard Gerald Ebert, Glenn Farmer, Alfonso Gonzalez, Jr., Robert Grant, Todd Hicks, David Karcher, William Kiser, Derek Kistler, Richard Krout, Charles Leatherman, Rollie Leatherman, Ben Leonard, Fred Leonard, James Logsdon, Richard Long, Barry Lord, Josiah Lord, Ben Lunn, Lester MacGregor, Harold Main, Donald Mathias, John Mathias, Richard Mathias, Merle May, Michael May, Douglas McDaniel, Larry McDaniel, Leo McKee, Paul McKinniss, Richard Mestrez, Bert Meyers, Norman Meyers, Ervin Miles, Dale A. Miller, Donald Misamore, Richard Muzy, Ivan Nesler, Francis Norton, Rex Orians, Wilson Parish, Jeffry Patterson, Caleb Peeples, David Pelphrey, George Phebus, Gary Phillips II, Felipe Pina Jr., James Anthony Poignon, II, Gregory Pope, Jerry Quinlan, Michael “Mick” Reed, Eugene Reinhart, Jack Reynolds, Harry Routson, Monte Sampson, Carl Schneider, George Schneider, Lawrence Schneider, Otto Schneider, Andrew Schultz, Maurice Schutz, Jack Smith Jr., Daniel Snyder, James Speck, Sr., Craig Spieker, Virgil Stechschulte, Cloyce Steegman, Robert Stimmel, Allen Straight, Jerry Street, Jeffrey Sullivan, Terry Sutherland, Roger Thomas, Mark Tiell, Arthur Tighe, Richard Ulrich, Louis Urschalitz, Mary Urschalitz, Norbert Urschalitz, William Urschalitz, Fred Van Voorhis, John Wallace, Drew Whitacre, Alvin Wilkins, Francis Wilkins, Kenneth Wilkins, Leland Wilkins, Myrl Wilkins, Robert Windle.

The City of Findlay displays banners recognizing the United States Military Service Members at various times throughout the year with the most prominent times being May, July, and November. For more information on recognizing an active, retired, or deceased service member, please visit www.findlayohio.com/hero or contact the Mayor’s Office at 419-424-7137.

“It is our desire to continually recognize the military service members who have given so much of themselves to serve our country. This is one small way we can do that and show our communities strong support of those who serve, our country, and our community. I felt this was a great way to utilize a prominent location downtown to recognize individuals in our community that fought to protect our freedoms,” said Mayor Christina Muryn.