Law Enforcement Agencies Participating In ‘Bexley Box’ Initiative

(From the Tiffin Police Department and Seneca County Sheriff’s Office)

The Tiffin Police Department and Seneca County Sheriff’s Office proudly continue their collaborative efforts by participating in the Bexley Box initiative. Inspired by the tragic murder of Jared Bridegan in early 2022, leaving behind his daughter Bexley, this initiative strives to address the needs of children in distressing situations.

Witnessing Bexley’s plight at a police station, lacking basic necessities, underscored the importance of such support. Thus, the Bridegan Foundation, led by Kirsten Bridegan, launched the Bexley Box project to provide comfort items for children in similar circumstances.

Understanding the trauma children may endure when separated from caregivers, both agencies host Bexley Boxes in their lobbies. This ongoing commitment demonstrates a sincere dedication to creating a compassionate and supportive environment for vulnerable children during difficult times.

Research underscores the importance of first responders in mitigating the effects of trauma on children. By offering immediate comfort and support through initiatives like the Bexley Box, first responders can help minimize the long-term impact of traumatic experiences on children’s mental and emotional well-being.

Through their continued collaboration, the Tiffin Police Department and Seneca County Sheriff’s Office aim to extend their reach and impact, ensuring that no child in need is left without essential care and comfort. Together, they stand as pillars of support, advocating for the well-being of all children in their community.

Tiffin Police Chief David Pauly/Seneca County Sheriff Fred Stevens