Marathon Oil Sale Clarification From Findlay Mayor

(From Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn)

Earlier today news was released that Marathon Oil (MRO) based out of Houston, Texas is being sold to ConocoPhillips.

This is not Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC) based in Findlay, Ohio.

As many recall, Marathon Petroleum and Marathon Oil split in 2011 dividing the two organizations.

Marathon Oil specializes in oil exploration and production, and Marathon Petroleum Corporation is a petroleum refining, marketing, and transportation company.

The announced sale of Marathon Oil will not have a direct impact on the City of Findlay.

This is a good reminder of the importance of the work that we do every day to ensure that all of our local businesses, and residents, continue to see Findlay as a place of opportunity and build strong community ties.

Additionally, it reminds us of the important work we do to maintain our fiscal position to manage any significant economic changes.

Being a community that has a thriving local economy means good policy, well-maintained infrastructure, available housing options, and amenities that help attract and maintain a high-quality workforce.

These priorities align with my vision for the City of Findlay and the work the City of Findlay team does each day to continue to improve our great community for all.

Thank you for choosing to call Findlay your home and being a part of making it a better place each day.

Sincerely, Mayor Christina Muryn