Mayor Muryn Delivers State of the City Address

Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn delivered her 2024 State of the City address on Thursday night.

It was held at the Fischer Art Gallery at the Marathon Center for the Performing Arts.

In the speech, Mayor Muryn highlighted the accomplishments of 2023 and looked ahead to the projects and challenges the city faces in 2024 as well as other opportunities on the horizon.

Mayor Muryn says Findlay is a well-run and safe community.

“The most challenging part of being Mayor is not running a City, it is leading a community of people with diverse beliefs, backgrounds, and visions for what they want Findlay to be today and into the future.”

Mayor Muryn highlighted continued priorities for the city such as flood mitigation, housing, homeless, workforce, mental health, addiction, and infrastructure.

Get more on the mayor’s State of the City address below by looking over the slides the mayor shared during her speech.