Move-In Day At The University Of Findlay

There was a lot of activity on the University of Findlay campus on Thursday.

It was move-in day, as new and returning students moved into their housing for the new school year.

More than 600 first-time freshmen moved into their dorms on move-in day including Korah, from Kansas. (pictured above in the orange top)

We asked Korah what brought her all the way to Findlay, Ohio for college.

“They have a good Physical Therapy program and I’m playing softball here.”



Korah’s mom, Emily, says having her firstborn go to college four states away isn’t going to be easy.

“But, hopefully it’s temporary and she finds her way back to Kansas when she’s done with her degree.”

Both Korah and Emily said UF was making the move-in day experience go as smoothly as possible.

Later in the afternoon, the Arch Ceremony for new students was held and they walked through the Griffith Memorial Arch towards Old Main.

Legend has it that they must not walk back through the Arch until commencement or they won’t graduate.