ODOT: Give Snowplows Plenty Of Room To Work

The Ohio Department of Transportation is reminding drivers to give snowplows room to work when they’re clearing the roads of snow or treating them with salt.

ODOT said on Tuesday that two snowplows have already been struck in 2024.

“The second plow strike of ’24 happened in Paulding County early this morning when a driver attempted to pass a snowplow,” ODOT said on social media.

“More ice and snow are expected this week. Give plows plenty of room to work and yourself plenty of travel time.”

ODOT’s Matt Bruning is reminding everyone to give plows room to work.



He’s also reminding everyone to obey the state’s move over law, which requires all drivers to move over to an adjacent lane when approaching any vehicle with flashing or rotating lights parked on the roadside.

If moving over is not possible due to traffic or weather conditions, or because a second lane does not exist, motorists should slow down and proceed with caution.