ODOT’s Hancock County Plows Ready For Snow

The Ohio Department of Transportation’s Hancock County Garage on Lima Avenue in Findlay is ready for the snow we’re expected to get late Thursday and on Friday.

Deidra Noel is the transportation administrator for ODOT in Hancock County.

She says, as usual, ODOT is asking drivers to do their part to help their snow plow operators clear the roads as efficiently as possible.

“Just take your time and slow down, give yourself enough distance between the vehicle in front of you, especially if it’s one of our trucks. Snow coming off of a truck makes visibility even worse so just back up and give us some space.”



Noel says the Hancock County ODOT Garage has 21 trucks and is responsible for 621 lane miles in the county, including Interstate 75 from Bluffton to North Baltimore.

“It’s really fun. Everybody who works here enjoys it. It’s a public service and when you’re good at what you do, you’re proud of it.”

Findlay and Hancock County are included in a Winter Weather Advisory issued by the National Weather Service.

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