Ohio To Lift All Pandemic Health Orders

Governor DeWine says the Ohio Department of Health will rescind all pandemic health orders, except those for nursing homes and assisted living facilities, on June 2nd.

“It’s time to end the health orders. It’s been a year. You’ve followed the protocols. You’ve done what we’ve asked. You’ve bravely fought this virus,” The governor said in a Wednesday night statewide address.

Dewine pointed out that lifting the orders does not mean the virus is gone.

“It does not mean we are all safe. Each Ohio citizen will make their own decisions about wearing a mask and social distancing — and when, for them, that’s appropriate.”

He said businesses and schools, as well, will make their own decisions about how to best keep their customers, employees, and students safe.

Lifting the health orders will not prevent a business from imposing its own requirements.

The governor also announced that, beginning on May 26th, for five Wednesdays the state will hold a drawing for adults who have received the vaccine with the winner each weekday getting $1 million.

Also, on Wednesday, May 26th, there will be a drawing for 17 years old and under who have been vaccinated, and the winner will receive a full, four-year scholarship to a State of Ohio university.