OSHP Urging Ohioans To Plan And Prepare For Upcoming Eclipse

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is urging the motoring public to exercise the three “P’s” when it comes to the total solar eclipse on Monday, April 8th.

Sgt. Ryan Purpura says those three “P’s” are plan, prepare, and patience.

He says if you don’t have to be on the road that day, don’t, but if you do, plan out your route in advance and plan on plenty of congestion on the roadways.

The Sgt. says it would be a good idea to top off your vehicle’s gas tank ahead of the eclipse.

He makes clear that drivers need to keep moving on the day of the eclipse.

“Don’t plan on setting up camp or stopping along interstates or entrance or exit ramps, or any other roadway. This is never permitted.”

He says people need to plan ahead on where they’ll be viewing the eclipse.

The Highway Patrol and the Ohio Department of Transportation made a video with more advice that you can watch below.

The Solar Eclipse Task Force, which is a collaboration of many local entities, has created a website with information about the eclipse.

And, Visit Findlay has a lot of great information on their website as well.