Park District Indoor Planetarium Program To Preview Eclipse

(From the Hancock Park District)

Join the Hancock Park District for ‘Planetarium: Solar Eclipse’ on Monday, April 1.

On April 8, Hancock County will be in the path of a total solar eclipse. In our indoor planetarium program, we will focus on a solar eclipse: what it is, why it happens, different types, and how often they occur.

We will view what will happen during the eclipse and learn about other astronomical objects that may be seen during the eclipse. Afterward, we will preview other things to look for during the month of April.

Each participant will receive solar eclipse glasses, a pin hole viewer card, and an April sky map. Participants are required to sit on the floor. Ask about accommodations.

Oakwoods Nature Preserve, Discovery Center. 7 PM. All ages are welcome. Free; but register online at by 1 PM on Monday, April 1.

Oakwoods Nature Preserve is located at 1400 Oakwoods Lane, off CR 144, west of Findlay.

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