Police Department Body Camera Program Statistics

The Findlay Police Department recently gave Findlay City Council an update on how the police department’s body camera program is going.

The police department went live with its body worn cameras (BWC) on August 14th, 2023.

The police department said, that aside from a few minor learning curves, it has been a very successful program so far.

The following are some statistics as of December 15th, 2023:

  • 65 Officers, Detectives, Sergeants, or Lieutenants have used the BWC system to submit evidence.
  • 12,139 individual BWC videos uploaded to evidence.com by members of the Findlay Police Department.
  • 5,274 photos and/or videos uploaded to evidence.com using Axon Capture.
  • Over 500 photos and/or videos uploaded to evidence.com through 195 uses of Axon Community Request.
  • 5.26 terabytes (TB) of storage has been used so far on evidence.com.
  • 28 videos have been shared with partner agencies (County Prosecutor, Law Director, CSB) through 6 records requests.
  • 128 BWC videos shared with individuals through 42 different public records requests.
  • Over 1,800 photos have been shared with partner agencies and records requests.
  • City of Findlay Police Department Sergeants have reviewed 75 videos through Axon Performance Reviews (0.006% of all videos submitted).

Since going live, the police department has had issues with two of the body worn cameras.

The Axon support provided the return authorization within minutes of the request and the replacement body worn cameras arrived within three days.

The Signal Sidearm devices have been purchased and installed that will automatically activate any device within 35 feet whenever an Officer’s weapon is removed from the holster.

Police Chief James Mathias says the use of body cameras is increasing transparency and accountability while enhancing officer safety.