Police Officers Honored With Life Saving Award

(From the Tiffin Police Department)

At tonight’s City Council Meeting, Tiffin Officer Becca Timm, Sgt. Eric Aller, and Officer Steven Beutler were distinguished with the prestigious departmental Life Saving Award.

This accolade is a tribute to officers whose courage, quick thinking, and decisive actions have directly resulted in saving lives, highlighting their exceptional dedication to duty and service.

The Tiffin Police Department takes great pride in commending these officers for their exemplary conduct, which not only upholds the highest standards of law enforcement but also demonstrates an unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of the community they serve.

Officer Becca Timm and Officer Steven Beutler received their first Life Saving Award recognizing their extraordinary efforts in critical situations. Sgt. Eric Aller was honored with his fourth Life Saving Award, underscoring his consistent dedication and exceptional performance in life-threatening scenarios.

The collective achievements of these officers reflect the values and mission of the Tiffin Police Department. Their bravery and professionalism serve as an inspiration to their colleagues and a reassurance to the community that they are protected by individuals of the highest caliber.

Congratulations to Officer Timm, Officer Beutler, and Sgt. Aller for their remarkable achievements and unwavering service.

Chief Pauly