Raise the Bar Hancock County® Launches Video Series

This is a press release from Raise The Bar Hancock County® announcing a new video series:

FINDLAY, OH [July 5, 2024]– Raise the Bar Hancock County® announces the release of a new video series spotlighting in-demand education and human service careers in Hancock County. This initiative continues Raise the Bar’s effort to enhance workforce development and support local talent in pursuing rewarding careers.

The video series provides a close-up look at the opportunities available within several people-oriented sectors. Each video aims to inspire and inform students, job seekers, and community members about the careers that are essential to the county’s growth and prosperity.

Area Employers and Professions Spotlighted:

1. Findlay Family YMCA Early Learning Professionals

2. Findlay City Schools K-12 Paraprofessionals

3. Millstream Career Center Instructors

4. Findlay-Hancock County Public Library Youth and Adult Learning Staff

5. Family Resource Center and Hancock County Job and Family Services Case Managers

“Our community’s best asset is our people,” says Tricia Valasek, Raise the Bar’s executive director. “Taking the time to develop people from infancy through adulthood is one of the best investments we can make. It’s imperative that we continue to create awareness and fill a pipeline of individuals who can take on this rewarding task. It is because of this demand that we focused our initial these five targeted careers.”

Each video in the series features local professionals in the field, offering viewers a glimpse into the daily responsibilities, challenges, and rewards of these careers. The videos also provide information on the education and skills required, potential career growth, and the impact these roles have on the community.

“Supporting our children is vital for the growth and prosperity of our community. Childcare workers are truly the workforce behind the workforce,” shares Kari Redman, the Findlay Family YMCA Childcare Development Center Director. Raise the Bar highlighted the YMCA’s childcare team in one of their videos because of the growing demand for early learning/childcare options in the community. Valasek points out that the YMCA, like other licensed facilities in Ohio, requires specific staff-to-child ratios depending on age. “Adding spots for infants, toddlers, and school-aged children requires our childcare facilities to hire more trained and qualified staff. We need to build this career sector quickly.”

The video series is available on Raise the Bar’s YouTube channel (@raisethebarhancockcounty7737). Raise the Bar also intends to release individual videos on its social media platforms and to the schools for use with their career programming.

Raise the Bar Hancock County® connects stakeholders to advance workforce excellence. Through collaboration with local businesses, educational institutions, and community partners, Raise the Bar® strives to evolve the paradigms of workplace opportunity to build a community where employment and career advancement are accessible and attainable.

Photo:  Sandra Velasquez, Preschool Teacher Mentor at the Findlay Family YMCA Childcare Development Center, shares her personal experience in one of Raise the Bar’s videos.