Severe Weather Causes Damage In Hancock and Surrounding Counties

Ohio was hit with a lot of severe weather on Thursday night and it sounds like Hancock County didn’t get it as bad as other areas. 

A tornado warning was issued for Hancock County around 6:45 p.m. and we joined WTOL-11’s severe weather coverage from Chris Vickers and John Burchfield.

That severe weather moved east into Seneca County and Wyandot County where funnel clouds and tornadoes were reported.

At around 7:30 p.m. the weather sirens sounded again in Hancock County for a funnel cloud sighted between Arlington and Bluffton, and the weather service issued another tornado warning.

Hancock County Sheriff Michael Heldman told WFIN that state troopers and Bluffton police officers both witnessed funnel clouds and the picture below sent to WTOL-11 shows a tornado on the ground. 

He said some homes were damaged and barns destroyed in the area of County Road 12 and Township Road 29, southwest of Jenera.

The sheriff said there were no injuries.

There were tornado warnings in various counties across Ohio on Thursday night and some areas got hit pretty hard.

The National Weather Service will have teams inspect areas of damage to determine if and where tornadoes touched down.