Sgt. Cortez Running For Hancock County Sheriff

(From Sergeant Mike Cortez)

Mike Cortez, a seasoned law enforcement veteran, announces his candidacy for Sheriff of Hancock County. With a distinguished career spanning almost 30 years as a Hancock County Deputy Sheriff, Cortez aims to leverage his extensive experience to enhance community safety and meet contemporary challenges in law enforcement. Cortez retired at the rank of Sergeant in October after more than 29 years.

Cortez’s campaign focuses on a modern approach to public safety, emphasizing the importance of community engagement, advanced technology, and a well-trained, professional law enforcement team. He plans to introduce initiatives such as expanding K9 units, increasing School Resource Officers, and improving mental health awareness in the community. Cortez believes that a well-run office can both deliver modern solutions while respecting the time-honored values of the Sheriff’s Office.

Key to his vision is the modernization of the Sheriff’s Office, including upgrading technology and practices to tackle new challenges like cybercrime. Cortez is also committed to developing a robust training program for law enforcement personnel, fostering a positive workplace culture that attracts and retains top talent.

“As your future Sheriff, I pledge to uphold our community’s core values, ensuring Hancock County continues to shine as a beacon of safety, unity, and prosperity,” says Mike Cortez.

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Hancock County Sheriff Michael Heldman recently announced that he would not be seeking re-election in 2024 after being sheriff since 1997.