Sheriff’s Office Issues Winter Road Conditions Reminder

(From the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office)

As winter weather approaches, we would like to remind everyone of what each advisory level means.

A Level 1 Weather Alert means roadways are hazardous, drive with extreme caution.

A Level 2 Weather Advisory means roadways are extremely hazardous with blowing and drifting snow and/or flooding. Only those who feel it is necessary to travel should be on the roadways.

A Level 3 Weather Emergency means most roadways are closed and extremely hazardous. Employees should comply with workplace policies or contact their employer. Violators may be cited.

At any time a level is issued, please tune in to your local media for updates or scan the QR code that is displayed, and it will take you to our website with links that you can select for local news and school closings or delays.

Please do not call our office for weather or level updates; during severe weather, our dispatchers are very busy handling emergency calls.

If you must travel, Have emergency supplies in your vehicle (blankets, water, food, etc.).

Keep all electronic devices charged and ready to go.

Please be patient with emergency personnel, as the demand will be high for all services.

Thank you for your patience.


Remember, you can always get the latest forecast and advisory levels by clicking here, and school closing and cancellations by clicking here.