Sheriff’s Office Warning Of Scam

(From the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office)

We have received at least 4 reports of scammers calling Seneca County residents to tell them, or leaving messages advising them, that they missed jury duty and there is a warrant out for their arrest.

They are telling them to call this number, 419-455-6084, to clear it up. When people call that # back (a spoofed #) a foreign accented person answers it “Seneca County Sheriff’s Office”.

Callers are also claiming to be real deputies. The scammers will then tell people that they need to pay them (in gift or cash cards) in order to clear up a problem they have with the warrant.

They are going to scare you into thinking you have a warrant. They are going to convince you that you did something wrong and that the only way you can fix it is by paying them. Don’t fall for it.

People are calling the Clerk of Courts and they are telling them to call us. We have posted several times in the past about these type of scams.

The Seneca County Sheriff’s Office will never call someone demanding money for a warrant. Ignore the caller, hang up and if you get home and there is a message to call about a jury warrant know that it is a scam.

If you truly had a warrant you would see us face to face. We don’t handle them over the phone.

-Sheriff Stevens