State Rep Being Taken To Court By Insurance Company

(ONN) – An insurance company has filed suit against State Representative Jon Cross and his wife after the couple lost their Kenton home in a house fire.

In the documents filed in federal court, it shows that Jon and Christina Cross are being taken to court by their insurance company, Liberty Mutual.

They found that the couple did $300,000 worth of upgrades on their home starting in March.

The house was worth $245,000 when the Crosses first bought it in 2014.

Liberty Mutual requires a 90-day notice of any updates that would increase the home’s value by more than $5,000 and says the Crosses failed to provide that notice.

The lawsuit does not provide the value of the insurance claim submitted by the cross family but Liberty Mutual is arguing they aren’t responsible for paying more than the policy limit of $634,390.40.

The State Fire Marshal investigated the fire that happened at Cross’ home.

The cause of it is undetermined.

Property records show the Cross Family bought a home in Findlay worth $792,000.

The 83rd District that Cross represents includes Hancock County , Hardin County and a portion of Logan County.

Cross’ attorneys provided the following statement to  WTOL 11.

“My wife and I are involved in an insurance coverage dispute regarding a claim we filed under our homeowner’s policy seeking to be reimbursed for fire damage to our home.  The dispute is over whether certain items may be reimbursable under our policy or not.  These sorts of insurance coverage disputes are common, and the matter has nothing to do with my responsibilities as a public official.
We strongly disagree with the position taken by our insurance company, and we intend to vigorously litigate this matter and recover all that we are entitled to under our policy and other available relief.  This has also been a good lesson to us about how an insurance company can take advantage of a policy holder, denying a claim even though premiums have been paid in full.  We look forward to our day in court.  Under the advice of my counsel, I will not be making any further comment about this litigation until it is resolved by the court.”