UF Arch Ceremony Tradition Marking 100 Years

This year marks 100 years of tradition for the University of Findlay’s Arch Ceremony.

The University of Findlay will honor new students on Thursday, August 10th, as faculty, staff, students, and their families celebrate the long-standing tradition of walking through the Griffith Memorial Arch.

Students will not walk back through the Arch at any point during their time at UF out of superstition that they won’t graduate.

Instead, students will save the walk back through the Arch for their Commencement.

“The Arch Ceremony is one of the oldest college traditions in Northwest Ohio, and the most sacred tradition at the University of Findlay,” the university said.

Since 1923, new students proceed through Griffith Memorial Arch toward Old Main during orientation weekend while they are being welcomed to campus by faculty, staff, and their loved ones to symbolize the official start of their college experience at Findlay.