University Of Findlay And Bluffton University Pursuing Merger

(From the University of Findlay)

At a press conference today on University of Findlay’s campus, Dr. Katherine Fell, University of Findlay president, and Dr. Jane Wood, Bluffton University president, announced that they have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) declaring the intention to pursue a merger of Bluffton University operations with University of Findlay. Findlay and Bluffton would become one higher education community on two campuses. The decision was made by votes of each institution’s Board of Trustees. Pending all regulatory approvals, the merger is anticipated to be completed by Fall 2025.

“We’re all aware that higher education is facing significant changes and challenges,” said Dr. Fell. “These times call upon us to be innovative and forward-thinking. From a vantage point in the future, we will look back at this moment in the history of higher education as one that required new approaches and bold actions. I believe this merger will prove to be both.”

Through this merger, the universities would position themselves to provide increased educational opportunities that prepare current and future students to lead and serve in their local communities and beyond. Students and employees would benefit from access to expanded resources on both campuses located 20 miles apart in Northwest Ohio. A goal of the proposed merger is to innovate in response to the changing climate of higher education while honoring individual campus traditions.

Both University of Findlay and Bluffton University are dedicated to preparing students of diverse backgrounds for meaningful lives, productive careers, responsible citizenship, and service to all peoples. The decision to pursue a merger signals the universities’ ongoing commitment to faith and intellect, the sciences and the humanities.

“Our early interactions have made clear that we share a commitment to preparing generations of students to find and live out their callings,” said Dr. Wood. “By combining the best of pre-professional and liberal arts programs, our institutions will become even better at equipping future students to discover and to research what will ultimately bring meaning and purpose to their lives. We are stronger together.”

Pending NCAA approval, after the merger is complete, Findlay would continue to participate in NCAA Division II as the Oilers, while Bluffton would continue competing in Division III as the Beavers. This is a model that other schools are following successfully.

University of Findlay intends to remain affiliated with the Churches of God, General Conference, while Bluffton University intends to remain affiliated with Mennonite Church USA.

“We are pleased to have received funding from the Transformational Partnerships Fund, which provides support for institutions of higher education to explore student-centric partnerships,” said Dr. Fell. “This grant was used to support a third-party due diligence report assessing the benefits and risks of a merger.”

Required regulatory approvals for the merger are estimated to take 12-15 months. During that time, both University of Findlay and Bluffton University will continue to operate independently.

“All year, Findlay has been talking about our strong roots and bright future,” said Dr. Fell. “Both Findlay and Bluffton have immensely strong roots, and together we can have a brighter future. Together, we can establish an even stronger premier institution of higher education in Northwest Ohio.”

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