Whirlpool Announces Reductions To Salaried Workforce

Whirlpool Corporation has announced reductions to its global salaried workforce.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting the company is eliminating 1,000 salaried positions globally in an effort to expand profit margins.

Whirlpool tells WFIN that a small number of that affected group of salaried workers is from the Findlay plant.

Whirlpool provided the following statement:

As announced in March, Whirlpool Corporation is moving to a more simplified and focused organizational model to support its continued transformation into a higher-growth, higher-margin business that will enable its long-term success.

The company adopted a two-wave approach in announcing changes – to allow leaders closer to the work to own the organizational design of the future. The first wave focused on the top layers of the organization and the impacts were shared in March. The second wave focused on the remainder of the organization and took place in late April. 

Affected employees will receive transition support, including a comprehensive severance package and other services. While these are not easy choices, they are required to secure the long-term success of the company.