120K Banana

There’s an art piece at a museum in South Korea, which is a banana duct taped to a wall.  That’s it.  An Italian artist named Maurizio Cattelan has “created” multiple versions of it, and one sold for $120,000 in 2019.


Last week, an art student walked up to the banana . . . removed it . . . ate it . . . then taped the PEEL back on to the wall. https://www.instagram.com/p/CriC1hePUKM/


The museum says the student told them he ate the banana “because he was hungry.”  The museum replaced the peel with a fresh banana.  They notified the artist, but he “didn’t have any reaction to it.”  That’s possibly because this happened before . . . when the previous version was displayed in 2019.



That’s probably the dumbest thing about this whole situation . . . everyone KNOWS this is ridiculous . . . except anyone who’s tricked into BUYING IT.



The artwork is called “Comedian” . . . and the artist is known for SATIRICAL pieces.  The museum replaces the banana every few days anyway, so there’s nothing special about it.  And the art student clearly knew that it was “art” . . . and not a free snack . . . so NO ONE is taking this seriously.